Homeowners & Personal Insurance In Cranston, RI.

Help defray damage and liability costs with homeowners and other types of personal insurance through our agents in Cranston, Rhode Island. At Capuano Insurance, Inc., we give you access to insurance that fits your family's budget
For most people, your home is your largest investment. Learn how to protect your Investment from unforeseen disasters, accidents and tragedies. We provide primary residence insurance, second home insurance, and investment property insurance.
Invest in top-quality automotive insurance for new and used vehicles from Capuano Insurance, Inc. All kinds of coverage is available such as SR-22 insurance to cover liabilities.

If you owe more money than your car is actually worth, we recommend gap insurance for vehicles that are totaled in an accident. This type of coverage pays the remainder of your vehicle's balance.
Black Car - Insurance & Real Estate Service in Cranston, RI
Your family's quality of life will continue after you are gone when you protect it with life insurance. We offer Whole life, Universal Life, Term Policies, and Variable Annuities to maintain your family's financial status.
Would you be financially protected in the event of an unforeseen disability? If you cannot answer yes, immediately, then your coverage is probably nonexistent or lacking. We offer disability insurance that gives you peace of mind.
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Motorcycle, RV & Antique Auto Insurance also available.